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Al Pickett is a veteran of the real estate finance industry. At the age of twenty-four he purchased his first company in a strategic buyout. Through interruptive marketing and advertising campaigns he was able to attract clients and build a trustworthy company brand recognized throughout the community.

Al Pickett has a deep understanding on how to maximize a business’s assets to increase its market share. He “quintupled” the revenue of his first company in the first year of operation. He currently operates a private investment firm with an emphasis on trading currency trends.

He’s also helped to build a network of 100+ business mentors for new entrepreneurs through Start Co., a venture development organization that develops founders and their companies. He sits on the board of Volunteer Odyssey, an immersive volunteering experience for job seekers. He operates on the principles that you must be passionate about what you do, committed to those you serve, and excellent at completing the job. He’s a frequent speaker at Universities and organizations in the Mid-South on topics about entrepreneurship and finance.

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